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If you happen to get involved in a vehicle accident, the following moments are hard on you. 24 Hr Towing Elizabeth is here to assist you so you can see to your safety and avoid any extra damage to your car or truck.


If you wind up in a collision, then the first order of business is seeing to your individual safety, the well-being of anyone around, and the wellness of oncoming motorists. The following are a few guidelines you should consider:

  • First, try to safely get off the road and out of the traffic. The right shoulder is the ideal place to get to.
  • Remain inside your vehicle if you think it’s dangerous to get out.
  • Call 911 should that be necessary.
  • If need be, contact us at 908-333-4432 to arrange the removal of your vehicle.

Once we get there, the first thing we care about is making sure that everyone there is physically safe. Our next step is clearing out debris and vehicles from the roadway in order to restore optimal traffic flow. We’ll either tow your vehicle to our secure lot or a destination you choose. Once your vehicle gets to our lot, any applicable insurance company can do a vehicle inspection, create their damage report, and designate the appropriate repair shop. We work directly with insurance companies in regards to our fees, which means one less thing that you have to deal with in this potentially traumatic time.


For any accident that involves injuries, you need to immediately call 911 for medical assistance. For accidents that aren’t emergencies, you can just call the non-emergency hotline within 10 days following the accident in order to file your report. An accident is never something someone expects.


Towing Services After An Accident

24 Hr Towing Elizabeth provides the area’s leading recovery services to anyone who wound up being in an accident. Once you get over the initial shock from the accident happening, don’t panic. Our fleet of tow trucks has someone on standby 24/7. Whenever your accident happens, 24 Hr Towing Elizabeth can minimize your stress and help simplify the affairs involved with this. Once we tow your car or truck to our secure compound, we’ll then be happy to deal with your insurance needs. Our team of courteous professionals will get you and your car or truck to a place you pick or the right repair shop.


Remember A Few Crucial Details!

It’s essential that you swap information with another driver that’s involved in an accident. This includes specific information like a vehicle description, license plate number, insurance information, names, addresses, and driver’s license numbers. If any witnesses are present, ask them about their information so police are able to contact them if need be.


You also need to remember that are frequently secondary accidents because of the first one. The sooner we’re able to clear the scene, the quicker any investigating officers are free to proceed to their next call. If you require assistance following a vehicle accident, call us for safe but prompt help in mere minutes.


Our seasoned technicians know that your car has value, and they will do all they can to prevent more damage to it. They’ll also work to keep your personal belongings safe, if any are still inside the vehicle.


24 Hr Towing Elizabeth is your help soon to show up!


With luck, you’ll never wind up being a part of a serious accident, but if it does, then rely on us for help throughout the whole situation.


Most drivers have no idea that they can choose who is going to tow their vehicle or even pick its destination once towed. When you request our help, we’ll make sure that your ride is treated well.

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