Car Battery Replacement In Elizabeth, New Jersey


Finding out your car battery is dead is one of the biggest possible inconveniences in life, especially when you’re in a rush. You get in your vehicle ready to head out for important errands, appointments, and then you immediately discover that nothing in there is functional. One of the most common reasons for a vehicle not starting is a dead battery, opting you to hire professional help.


Most likely, you could lose the better part of the day figuring out which towing company is going to help you move your vehicle or replace it on the spot. However, not many companies offer car battery replacement service, but not us. 24 Hr Towing Elizabeth will help you at all costs, even if it means replacing your vehicle’s battery on the spot.


How Do I Know It’s Time To Get Your Vehicle Battery Replaced?

There are certain signs you can check for yourself to figure out if it’s time to replace your car battery. The following are four common signs that most drivers encounter.


Your Vehicle Won’t Start


The battery is usually the culprit when your car won’t start. You have to understand, as the battery gets older, the amount of electricity it can muster goes down as well. Once the power level dips under a particular threshold, starting your vehicle becomes a burden and most often, won’t event start.


Your Vehicle’s Electronics Won’t Function


When available voltage diminishes, it’s either your electronic devices or the battery of your vehicle is broken. If by chance your vehicle’s electronic components do not work right, there’s a good chance you’ll be needing a battery replacement.


Your Batter Warning Light Has Come On


Most vehicles have a dashboard warning light that comes on when it’s time to replace the battery. If you see an active warning for the charging system or battery, then you should consider getting a new battery.


A Foul Odor


If there is an internal short or other kind of battery damage, there’s a chance of a gas leak. If you can smell something like rotten eggs or anything gaseous odor, then you might have a leaking battery that needs to be dealt with.


Get A New Battery Today!

Replace Your Vehicle Battery In Elizabeth, NJ with 24 Hr Towing Elizabeth. Let 24 Hr Towing Elizabeth swap out your malfunctioning or dead vehicle battery for a new one, as we can drive to you for the most convenient replacement possible. If your vehicle needs a new battery, call us right away at 908-333-4432 in order to reserve your appointment.

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