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Towing And Impound Services For Private Property Owners And Managers

All of us at 24 Hr Towing Elizabeth want to express our appreciation for any interest you have in our private property towing and impound services. We don’t cut corners in helping make sure that businesses and residents always have access to designated parking garages and spaces through our premier Elizabeth private property impound service. To get immediate help, to consult one of our team members, or have a car or truck parked on your private property towed, call us at 908-333-4432 right now. Our services include the following:

  • Removal Of Abandoned Vehicles
  • 24/7 Courtesy Patrols
  • Removal Of Junk Cars
  • Multi-Family Properties
  • Paint Program
  • Parking Permit Program
  • Commercial/Retail Properties
  • Signage
  • Tag Tow Program
  • Warning Stickers Program

Our contracts for private property towing are totally free of charge to you. We’ve designed our vehicle impound services primarily to help you out in managing your private property. When property managers request it, we protect and enforce fire lanes, fire hydrants, reserved spaces, stenciled red zones, any kind of interference with exits, entrances, and other access points. With our high-caliber towing equipment and the always mindful operations of our tow truck specialists, we make sure that any vehicles we tow are transported and protected appropriately and properly. We can even outfit your property with the right ‘tow away’ signage as necessary, and this costs you nothing. Proper impound authorization forms are offered to you on contact, and they have to be signed by an owner or manager prior to any vehicle being removed in a legal fashion.

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